Ultimate Guide to History Resources –

Recently brought to my attention… Wise Old Sayings provides a broad guide enabling you  – to dive deeper into the study, teaching or casual perusal of history, from the first humans all the way up to whatever happened yesterday….find links to some 40 sources that will lead you to relevant blogs, archives, podcasts, teaching guides and much more.    [Thank you, Amelia.]

History News Network –

Put current events into historical perspective by visiting the History News Network. HNN offers great reportage and thought-provoking stories, also…Each week HNN features up to a dozen fresh op eds by prominent historians. Our archives, extending over the past decade, include thousands of well-researched pieces.

Ben Franklin’s World – Podcast with Liz Covart –

Listen to weekly, entertaining takes on a broad range of topics in Early American history. Hosted by the unabashedly enthusiastic, young historian, Ms. Covart, it’s fun. You’ll learn what hot new books are out there and hear authors’ fresh takes on familiar material and explorations of neglected areas.

History Podcasts –

Curious about the Trojan War, the Aztecs, the Iroquois, or the History of Organized Crime? Find these, and so much more, at this site… Dedicated to helping listeners find new history podcasts.